Personal Information
English name:
Kevyn Tang
Chinese name:
Date of birth:
30th September 2000
+853 6886-0232,
+86 191-6886-0232
IPM Student Hostel,
Nam On Garden,
No.204,Rua De Bruxelas,
Macao, China
Personal Site:
2019 ~ Present
3rd year student in Bachelor of Science in Computing,
School of Applied Science,
Macao Polytechnic Institute,
Macao SAR, China
(Overall GPA: 3.7 / 4.0)
2016 ~2019
Senior High School Certificate,
Guangzhou No.6 High School,
Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
Awards and Achievements
Passed the National College English Test Band 6,
Winning Prize in the 2nd National College Student Computer
Challenge, South China Division,
Third Prize in MPI ESCA Webpage Design Competition
Second Prize in 33rd Guangzhou Youth Science and
Technology Innovation Competition
Second Prize in 32nd Guangzhou Youth Science and
Technology Innovation Competition
Professional Experiences
Team leader of the Information System Implementation
practice course in Bachelor of Science in Computing at MPI
Participated in the 6th Huawei ICT Competition training
group, Macau station,
Became a contributor of the SpigotMC developer community
and the Minecraft Fabric developer community
Participated in the 12th Macao-wide IT Competition ALICE
3D Programming Contest,
Provided online tutor of C/C++ for middle school students in
the summer vocation
Participated in the Qiu Chengtong Science Competition for
middle school students
Technical Skills and Competences
Have an understanding of MVC, MVVM, SPA, SSR, reactive, responsive,
RESTful API design, and some other popular modern web app design
modes, concepts, or methodologies.
Have an understanding of Object-Oriented Programming, OOP’s design
modes, Functional Programming, and some other well-known programming
Have the ability to design, implement, or analyze a full-stack system with
backend, middleware, and frontend.
Capable of working with Typescript, Vue3, Vue-router, Vuex, Bootstrap,
Tailwind and some other popular client-side development languages,
frameworks, libraries, or tools.
Capable of working with Django, Flask, FastAPI, Servlet/JSP, SpringBoot
and several other frameworks for server-side development.
Familiar with Python and Java.
Familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Basic Knowledge:
Have systematically learned computer network, system architecture,
database design and project management.
Have 2 years’ experience on using GitHub for project management.
Have some experiences on remote server deployment, domain and proxy
configurations, and production environment maintenance.
Familiar with working on Windows.
Have the ability to work on Linux-like systems.
Good at using Microsoft Office suit.
Other aspects:
Have systematically learned statistic, accounting, psychology and business
Good at solving problems by searching information.
Some teamwork experiences of planning and organizing projects.
Good at reading and writing in Chinese or English.
Good sense of art.
Mandarin: Native
English: Intermediate
Cantonese: Intermediate
Personal Interests
Trying using new programming technologies.
Playing computer games and thinking about game design.
Reading and writing, especially like science fiction.
Listening to music, and playing guitar.
Thinking and discussing new ideas with friends
References will be provided upon requirement.