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Kevyn's Blog

This is the project to build my blog -- the website you are now visiting. The website is an MVC modeled application developed with Golang + TailwindCSS.


This project is an online note app project. Consist of a Typescript + Vue3 note editing app powered by Milkdown editor, and a backend content management system built on Strapi framework.

Snowcraft Website

The official website of the Snowcraft community.

Vein Project: Data

Python based stock market data collecting and analysis project. The project can automatically generate market database on specific data API and provide various analysis features.

Vein Project: Renderer

Data visualization framework developed for the vein project: data. The project aim at providing full data presentation feature within a Vue3 + Echarts web app.


Hate the traditional right-hand-side scoreboard? Keep the scoreboard in a book!


A minecraft fabric mod add more vanilla style blocks, slabs and stairs.


A minecraft fabric mod add vanilla style tools, armors and weapons.


A minecraft spigot plugin add death penalty feature to the server.


A minecraft spigot plugin change the relationship between the player bag and hotbar.

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